Service Update Sun 9th Feb 2014

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If there was any evidence of how upside down the results have been in the Prem this season you only have to look at the two games on Sunday. A game dominated by Everton yet Spurs win with their only shot. Manchester United do the impossible and manage not to win conceding two goals with Fulham's only shots. If only I had that 'Sports Almanack' from the movie 'Back to the future'. Thankfully our two feature trades went with form and gave us a £10 profit at console stakes on each game. Often it's the simplest strategies that reap the best rewards and we certainly have one that is doing us proud at the moment. I don't know of any other strategy of this type that enables you to run it through the full 90 minutes with a reasonable loss and entries on games where this type of outcome is expected. A recap of the strat has been detailed in today's newsletter to all...

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Service Update Sat 8th Feb 2014

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It was a busy day at the console which ended with in a small profit plus a £14 Rags win. There were four console trades of which three were green. We decided to give Bartman3.5 a rest so we could focus on strats that have been traded less recently. The two that were on the list were winners and reinforces the fact that the strategy is a strong performer provided the games are selected carefully. Unfortunately the BMS at Freiburg dragged us down. This strat is in trouble if 0-0 at HT and the stats suggested anything but this score. Both teams score and concede regularly so it was incredible to see such a poor first half. We aborted at half time rather than switch to HomerHT as the loss was already more than expected and Freiburg were so poor that it was not sensible to increase liability by another £10. it was nice to get back to our roots and trade a good old fashioned Homer at Palace and HomerHT did its job at Huddersfield too. Our final trade at Swansea didn't look good at half time but we escaped with a small profit by the end. As mentioned earlier it was another Rags win with Redkopper's O2.5 double of Wolfsburg and Carlisle which is now running at £35 profit for the...

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Service Update Fri 7th Feb 2014

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It's been a tough three days for feature trades and for me personally as I have been laid low with a virus. However we were in exactly the same position last month and came out by the end of the month with £100 profit at console stakes. The picks have been made on merit and you only had to look at Le Havre's home stats and Nimes away to see that a goal for each team was highly likely. Unfortunately our feature trade ened 0-1. I keep saying that it's all about the long term trends and not the very short term. The stats dont lie. Neither do my posts! We have three console trades today. A Homer, Buckle My Shoe and KoptheOvers. We also have a Rags O2.5 double...

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Service Update Thu 6th Feb 2014

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The Kidderminster v Cambridge game was postponed so no trading today.

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Service Update Wed 5th Feb 2014

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I was not at the console on Wednesday so I do not not know the exact moves that were made on the Twente BMS but the Achilles heel is the 0-0 HT. The games are picked based on that event not happening and if it does then it's like climbing Everest in slippers with not much leverage to create new positions. Redkopper decided to continue based on stats and eventually gave the exit on 70 mins while it was still 0-0. Not what you would expect from a Dutch game.  Preston v Forest was another loser and it was difficult to see how Preston got through 90 minutes without scoring a...

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Service Update Tues 4th Feb 2014

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In yesterdays newsletter I stated that I preferred to use Bartman3.5 on the Bristol City game but U3.5 was too high. At 1.42 it was still tradeable but the reward/risk were much further apart. We were risking over £16 to win approx £9 but the chance of success was very high. It's very rare that we trade where the ROI is relatively low but it was put to the console and the general consensus was to use this strat rather than BMS. We spent some more during the game but got the win that we anticipated. The night didn't end there. We jumped on Brazils game at Rio Claro at half time and picked up the Homer win thanks to a late penalty. If that wasn't enough, Emeralds Bowls tips showed a £40 profit for the day and £104 over the last three days. That's if u backed the selected outsider for £10 each tip over the length of the tourney. His strongest tip won. The fact that Gale was playing on his own club turf was a huge advantage as he knew the rink inside out and back to front. He was up against the guy who had just won the worlds's but perhaps after such a big tourney win had the possibility of taking his foot off the pedal. The price of 1.1 v 7.0 was certainly not justified. Today Emerald has just one selection. There was not a Rags selection yesterday. It maintains a £21 profit for the month. Join the service for the full newsletter including all the picks and lists across all our covered...

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