Service Update Sat 8th Feb 2014

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It was a busy day at the console which ended with in a small profit plus a £14 Rags win. There were four console trades of which three were green. We decided to give Bartman3.5 a rest so we could focus on strats that have been traded less recently. The two that were on the list were winners and reinforces the fact that the strategy is a strong performer provided the games are selected carefully.

Unfortunately the BMS at Freiburg dragged us down. This strat is in trouble if 0-0 at HT and the stats suggested anything but this score. Both teams score and concede regularly so it was incredible to see such a poor first half. We aborted at half time rather than switch to HomerHT as the loss was already more than expected and Freiburg were so poor that it was not sensible to increase liability by another £10.

it was nice to get back to our roots and trade a good old fashioned Homer at Palace and HomerHT did its job at Huddersfield too. Our final trade at Swansea didn't look good at half time but we escaped with a small profit by the end.

As mentioned earlier it was another Rags win with Redkopper's O2.5 double of Wolfsburg and Carlisle which is now running at £35 profit for the month.

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