THE BOT – Game State Application

Those that follow my Twitter feed know of my great success using the TOSBOT which alerts at HT games where another goal is predicted. There are two bots within the Silver package and a couple more in Gold. Check out the other features for each package below.

There are other packages available that cover Tennis, NFL (American Football) Ratings & best bets, NHL Ratings & best bets & MLB Ratings & best bets.


October 2018 £1,029

November 2018 £651

December 2018 -£147

January 2019 £315

February 2019 £483

March 2019 £798

April 2019 £210

May 2019 £546

June 2019 £168

July 2019 £693

August 2019 £0

September 2019 £462


Total Profit £5,208 (£4,948) after comm)

This is based on a £105 stake to win £63 before commission (£60 after commission).


Download Full Results since the Bot Started.


These will no longer be updated. The new enhanced spreadsheet will only be sent to subscribers if they use 'Join Now' on this page.

October 1st 2018 - July 31st 2019

HT Overs Bot - Full Results in July 2019


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