Service Update Tues 4th Feb 2014

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In yesterdays newsletter I stated that I preferred to use Bartman3.5 on the Bristol City game but U3.5 was too high. At 1.42 it was still tradeable but the reward/risk were much further apart. We were risking over £16 to win approx £9 but the chance of success was very high. It's very rare that we trade where the ROI is relatively low but it was put to the console and the general consensus was to use this strat rather than BMS. We spent some more during the game but got the win that we anticipated.

The night didn't end there. We jumped on Brazils game at Rio Claro at half time and picked up the Homer win thanks to a late penalty.

If that wasn't enough, Emeralds Bowls tips showed a £40 profit for the day and £104 over the last three days. That's if u backed the selected outsider for £10 each tip over the length of the tourney. His strongest tip won. The fact that Gale was playing on his own club turf was a huge advantage as he knew the rink inside out and back to front. He was up against the guy who had just won the worlds's but perhaps after such a big tourney win had the possibility of taking his foot off the pedal. The price of 1.1 v 7.0 was certainly not justified. Today Emerald has just one selection.

There was not a Rags selection yesterday. It maintains a £21 profit for the month.

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