Buckle My Shoe – A Great Strategy

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 | 0 comments

I have seen countless strategies over many years and have to say that BMS is one of the best CS strategies I have ever come across.  Good wins when the goals go in and minimal losses when they don't. That's the only formula you need when trading football. Virtually any game can be selected.

The concept was conceived by Redkopper and I could instantly see the big potential. We are a great team as Redk comes up with many ideas (some totally whacky) and I hone the staking, cover and exit points to give optimum performance. Rather like adding a melody to lyrics.

Since that starting point we have both worked hard at carving out a strategy that now has decent profits across the CS market with strong cover if a lack of goals whilst continuing to preserve the bigger profits on 3-2, 2-3. We have played out different variations at the console over the last few weeks as the strategy has been put through heavy testing and we are now getting very close to finalising the bets. It is simple, effective and very profitable.

I have had so many emails asking me to document it but we have both decided that we will publish it in newsletter form only, rather than our usual PDF.

I am going to explain the full BMS concept in the newsletter tomorrow. A strategy that we are recommending be traded for games where U2.5 is greater than 2.20 but in reality the only restriction for selection is for AUQ to be at least 6. If under 2.5 is low and you think otherwise, then go for it.

Redk has always been betting on doubles, trebles and beyond and has shown considerable success so it's time to put him under the spotlight and follow his tips too see if he ends up with rags or riches! His tips will be shown in the newsletter as and when they are available. Check out todays rags or riches selections further down this newsletter.

Gillingham was another example of how a lack of goals results in a small loss at worst. Redkopper disappeared at half time to wander into oblivion so I took up the baton . The Bartman-Twist feature in Chile was a bit of an after thought and we fell one goal short.

Today we have some tricky cup games where Prem teams will be fielding squad players. We will be trading BMS at Norwich and Arsenal whilst looking to jump on games at Yeovil, Valladolid.  Thats a potential of four console lead games. I may also trade the Naked Apple at Valencia if I am not too tired.

The early game at Blackburn disappointingly provides no opportunities. Even Manchester City to not keep a clean sheet is 1.71 so we start the action at the console from 14:40 when i will be staking the BMS at Norwich.


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