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Having set up the new website, I have rather neglected it.  It's not that I haven't been bothered with it, it's more to do with managing my time between my Homer service and private life. There are plenty of Trading services out there with bang up to date websites but they have teams whilst I have picked up the baton alone.

I am determined to re-start my blog that I originally started in early 2010 and it will not only cover the trials and tribulations from within my service but it will also follow my private trading.  I like to think that I have built up a reputation of being honest and transparent and my views will not be shown through rose coloured spectacles like so many others tend to do.  People close to me in the trading world know that 'spin' and the constant announcements on Twitter, Facebook and emails of one side of the trading coin winds me up immensely. Let there be no mistake, trading is not easy. You can proclaim to have the best strategy and best general techniques out there but at the end of the day your fate lies at the hands of the competitors that you are staking your hard earned cash on. The key is to gain as much experience as possible to make the right decisions that can optimise profits and minimise the losses. Some of that experience will only be achieved upon making mistakes but it's all part of the learning curve. There are good guys about in the trading world but there are also people who only want to suck as much cash from noobs as possible.

If you wish to read my original blog which shows my attempts at trading the horses before moving onto football its Things have certainly changed since then.

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