Hi Andy, Just wanted to thank you for your speedy reply to my first email. It's greatly appreciated given that you're a busy man! Secondly, the attachments on this latest email are superb! I'm not sure if you've been adding these scenarios and I've missed them to date, however they really do spell the trades out for beginners like myself. Congratulations and keep up the great work! All the best, M




Hi Andy Looking forward to joining in. Must say your site and service looks very good and was in fact recommended by **** who joined you in last few days. If I could have user name of **** for the console that would be great and hope to join you very soon. Regards G




Good Morning Andy! Am gonna read the newsletter while eating breakfast 🙂 It`s better then reading the sports 🙂 I must say so far the two days i have been in have been both educating and fun. I really do like the atmosphere, and the teaching touch of it all. Anyway, i am of course gona contiune after the free month so how do i set that up ? Best regards! D




Hello again Andy! Been reading the whole newsletter now and i must say it is a serious feeling i get! Everything is explained about what have been done, what`s about to be done and so on! I have been following differnet traders trough out the years and recent years i`v came across a few good ones. But i have never before got the feeling when starting to follow a new one (which i dont do often, i dont jump from spot to spot) that "This guy really understands the trading concepts", I can tell by just reading and talking to you. I aint gona mention any names, but not many pro traders keep the low profile that you do. And that is honorable. Am keen to get into what you have on offer and to really learn from you. Best regards, D




Hi Andy Just wanted to write and thank you for your support today and the other night. You were recommended for your customer support and what they said was spot on. I hope I shall not need such a high level of hand holding in future. Best wishes N




Hi Andy, It's been very interesting to read your strategies - I've been trading the 2.5 market for the past 6 months and I think your methods exceed my own and may in fact represent a major breakthrough for me. I really do admire your energy and dedication too! M




Facebook comment: Wow this snooker is a great additional bonus to the football Homers that are on a great run. Its going to be a very busy weekend ahead.Its great the way Andy takes all the new members and guides them through the art of making nice money from the Homer family. No better value out there if you want to learn how to trade sport. J




Facebook comment: Its such an easy strategy to follow....a child could do it lol R




Tweet: Another great day with a winning trade at the console...Thank you @HandyAndyHomer for your amazing Homer family G




Tweet: @HandyAndyHomer great bloke and running a honest and profitable service. G




Tweet: @HandyAndyHomer top trader and very helpful person to know as well. Thx mate S




Tweet: @HandyAndyHomer Great day today....3 trades, 3 winners...How about that? What an atmosphere at the console also...Great community..