19 AUG 2017

It’s been a great journey since I started the service in September 2011. Six year’s ago I was only trading Homer’s and today we have a portfolio of proven strategies that members past and present continue to use. We have also had fun with Snooker, T20 and even Eurovision. However, all good things have to come to an end and after giving the situation much thought over recent times, I have decided to end this particular journey. Our last session of TLF will be Sunday 27 August. This is the last day before the dreaded international break.

I have devoted a great amount of time to this service with focus on quality rather than personal financial gain at the forefront. During this time I have rarely had a long break. I am not getting any younger and I am fast running out of gas! it’s time for me to think about me and relax, spend more time with family and friends, not have to worry about losing runs for members, what game to trade during poor fixture lists and not have to put up with abusive emails.

TLF has seen 1,056 members come and go over the six years and I hope that a good few of them learned something from the service to become better traders. If there were any members awards to dish out it would go to rickardo who has been here since day one and before then in our Trading Football days. Words cannot express how appreciative I have been of his continued loyal support. There are other very loyal supportive members. You know who you are and thank you.

There is one other person to mention. One that joined on the 29 May 2012, straight out of the bookies and eager to learn how to trade. He was a right pain, always asking questions but It was clear quite early on that he was going to make it as a decent football trader. Six months later Jim/Redkopper was helping me lead trades and quickly became an integral part of the overall service. The service could not have evolved into a long term successful project without Jim’s loyal support. He really is an outstanding trader and a great friend. Bart3.5, Twist, Squeeze, KTO are all down to him and there is nothing more complimentary than seeing competitive services producing ‘new’ strats that have been copied from us. I am sure he will pop up again somewhere in trading circles.

Over the next few days I will be cancelling all the recurring payments and refunding the portion of subs that fall after the 27th August. I will not completely disappear as trading will always play a large part of my life. I will continue to trade at my pace and will be posting the occasional BartM picks. I will also keep the console open for occasional trading which I will announce through Twitter. I have other projects in mind and perhaps a World Cup membership in the summer or even a Snooker Worlds period so keep following on Twitter.

I will also spend my extra time writing it up in detail every single strategy we have ever traded and will publish it as an ebook. I will aim to complete it before the end of the year.

I will try to attend the console as much as possible before we close.

No pain, no gain.